Christmas dinner at my grandparent´s house

The Christmas Eve is a very beautiful season in the year, above all because when it is December 25, all my family gets together at my grandparents’ house, this is one year with my mother´s parents and the next one with my father´s parents, and so on. Both are really nice, but when it is turn of my father´s parents, it is kind of different. All my uncles and aunts, as well as cousins meet at my grandparent’s house. The reason why I am saying that is kind of different is because my grandmother never liked to cook the traditional turkey for dinner, she does it, but it is not the main plate, she does just a little to please everyone. What she does is codfish as the main plate. She prepares it every Christmas, doesn’t matter if is not her turn to be the host on the night of December 25. I never had the opportunity to see how she does it, I just eat it when it is finished, and I know it takes a while to have it done. She puts a very nice sauce on pieces of codfish, matching other things that she puts just to give it more flavour. The family loves it. Apart from the plates that I just mention, my grandmother prepares a salad and spaghetti too. She puts a lot of food, and how can I forget the dessert, always have a cake, which is pretty nice as the past dishes. What it shocks me the most is that every two years she does that with the same pleasure as always and the taste of every single plate is excellent and I dare say, every time even better. When the family is done with dinner, we stay at the table for a while to talk a laugh about things and that. Then it begins the time where my little cousins start to make pressure over my uncles, because what they are more interest in is to open their gifts, and we all full of food go to where the Christmas tree is, to start open the gifts. Because we are not a huge family, there are always leftovers of the dinner, and that is a very good opportunity to go again to my grandparents’ house to have some reheated plate of the night before, because that is the best opportunity we have to enjoy those dishes again until the next Christmas.

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