a soveirgn of nothing- an imaginary flux through the surface of a sphere that radiates from the nucleus of nothing

divergence of clubs, secret handshakes that got mixed up in eating and fucking the wrong way (and if you can get rich why not)- again the saying- any club that would have any of us as a member

so, then, what solace is in death

a death cult of one- dress in robes- drenched in cum and blood, on all the steeles, on all the ancient aliens faces but as a slight against it, against them, against the material, against virility, vitality, against sex- whered you get the cum? i cultured that shit from some ge on a plant cell mother fucker- and in that very way materialism defeats materialism- the triumph of flesh


i understand like 12% of the population could understand what I am even talking about

or like 30 if you believe my online rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

yea im vain


death- the universal club

but it extinguishes something

desire (attachment)

makes us submit

to consume essence is redudant

the way you were every genetic variant, every rock or nebullus drift

the way you were the gasp of void

i heard Her speak- amoral- Her infinite rate of understanding linked to the rate of acceptance, just reading the book- i missed the agency, i really did

which was my limit on that night

which i may never break through to again


if the akkadians knew anything about electrical nature

but they didnt 

and the precious efforts- oh the greeks knew about atoms

is to keep alive petty traditions that have the medicinal value as rubbing holy water on your ball tumor 

that i cling to when my mother supports pedophilia rings

i dont cling- i do it mindless because someone else did it before me

and it will go on like that until enough suffering is occured


kill history

kill language

kill william burroughs 

kill art

the world is full of people who dont know whats important

and nothing is

the world


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