idea for a short

for me:


rosemary swings the baby and you show it- head hits a corner caves in- takes a fire poker and kills everyone- burns ruth gordon alive like holds her head in a fire

then donald sutherland does the shriek and she screams but she takes out like a nail file and sticks it in his eye and kills him just then commandos show up and kill the pod people leading the kids to the movie theatre

then the longest scene- one tin soldier plays and there is a very graphic depiction of all the horses (god i thought of this like 10 years ago already) pulling handsome carrages in central park revolting and stampeding all the people to death a good shot of a head stomp

kidnapped settler is talking to john wayne and the other guy and she says do you know what these people have been through and she like screams for help and the commanche scalp john wayne

then the final scene is a shot for shot no alternate take on the final scene from altered states where he stops glowing and hugs the girl

should be like 20 min


please produce this

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