on the idea of a united Caribbean

in your logic:


instead of wholly pilfering pirate booty

which you know is like stashed in decaying wood crates buried forty paces from a palm tree- there all fucking palm trees (a lot of opportunity for wealth to be lost)

like instead of robbing blind some corrupt gang land state south of florida why not build up the nations- in some caribbean zone with measures to prevent cuban hegemony- build up the islands- wealth creation- get them rich and then take there money through direct investment which would generate more wealth than just robbing them

its part of the short sightedness of imperial capitalism

i mean a similiar notion like give half of all subsidies to the financial sector as reperations for black people for one year- no strings attached- black families enter a lottery and some of them get substantial checks- more than ssi

i would be curius to see the rate of return in tax revenue from the dollars to large financial institutions than to the black citizenry


so when youre building the islands you cant like imf structural adjustment right away

you give them no interest loans or like prime and set it up so that indigenous capital has the right of way and they have to use the money for the benefit of their own people- or like severe foreign privitization methods kick and and you can recoup your initial investment

im not the only person with the capacity to have these ideas

you must really suck

really really suck


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