mkultra (at your place youre hanging... you know)

subproject 119

it is a theory of mine

that beyond a manchurian candidate

a little bit of crafty social engineering

advertise in comic books

ken kesey was probably a gatekeeper

that poor elephant, what was the dose, in the gram ranges- it died, on a non lethal substance- but not before it made a sound


beyond the occupational hazards of being dosed in langley

beyond falling from windows and mind control

beyond the doors of perception

it was to counter soviet propaganda 

give the middle class the lsd and it would liberalize the society

make it a more equitable place to be

and it worked


i dont know if stokley carmichael tripped

i want to know what the cia knows about psychology

united states of the caribean- is that how you even spell it

im gonna go masturbate now

since prostitution leads to human tafficking

there is still progress to be made


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