it was all a dream...


since no one cares

since il live with being right

theyve crucified others for less

all my experiments

ton of prokaryotes- eh here it gets tricky- oldest single cell that uses atp wel say

you take oldest cell that uses atp - thousands of plates

do some random mutagenisis- radiation machine, chemical- whatever4

so the plate media besides you know lauria broth or whatever has h3po4 in it- buffered enough where the organism survives

all the thousands of plates have h3po4 in it- you mutate em- the cultures that survive you transfer to media that contains no inorganic phosphorus, no h3po4 

the ones that die in the h3po4 free plates but survived in h3po4 rich plates- you look at their dna

my assumption is that the mutations in the dna are in primordial genes- that are in genes that existed previous to organic pathways of energetic phosphorus production


samsara- the infinite cycle of rebirth and attachment which leads to suffering

i hope my dog is a once born

release all the dogs into the woods at the same time

its the most humane thing to do

the great majority of dogs lifes are brutal suffering, starve to death, abused, whatever

exploiting the lack of stress chemicals in a fucking canines blood

you dumb monkeys

you evil fucking monkeys




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