someday you will ache like I ache (arm Tiffany)

its no wonder vodka is the liquor of the masses

no nice charcoal or juniper or herbs or nothing

just etoh 40% and water

that dont freeze in the microwave

johnnie come home- american cheese and ketchup sanmmch

hangs his shoes up to dry in the recliner

spuds chaser lounge hide from a beast with double s shaped back somewhere- where notes squeezed under tables, wrought iron furniture- sundays- sundays in grammar school summers- black and white pool like in raging bull- mere tricks, but these notes, this music piped under into it a little jangly, like twee pop with that nineties high fi production 

is it a mystery

you tell me

but you wont

tell me

what will be the next art glass factory of record


who will work at their docks- unpacking plastic that leeches into any exposed dermis- scanning and assorting a database that grows and grows without audit- and finally taking it some place to be wrapped again- stored on shelves- when there are no more department stores- no more places- no where to get a drink after work

and if i were to go


what would i have in common

recognize the confederate flag and thats all

oh but thats what they been sellin us

of course we dont unionize

your aesthetic standards are shit


universally between two sticks in a matchbook

call the manufacturer

limited time

free!!! EXPEDITED shipping

exclusive lines of credit- sharing nothing

if not on faith then on slavery

i hope for the transcedent but the academy rapes ladies

how could you even recognize it- must not be so transcendent afterall

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