united provinces 1905

the manifold 

the very manifold by which we relate motion to substance or mass or er whatever

whats space made of

how can we pose questions that we have no intuition to answer- that are beyond our possibilities to answer

if its not ephemeral its ethereal- the fish asking whats water on that over commercialized-gag- cultural stock now

and the real shame of it is i read infinite jest- talk about overrated

shit shit shit

where to go from here


motion- what you lose yourself to by just having mass and taking up space

every moment in these radiant emanations

its really just yourself- the essence of becoming self aware trying to escape- it is atomic suicide in relativistic terms

the em waves that escape from your atoms 

to clarify what we are talking about

motion- yourself to all ends of the universe- but its you keep going

sacrificing more of itself for immortality- the spirit of adventure- to light what until it gets there has always been dark

the visible trail of degeneration and chaos- some of it must be of visible frequency- just gets to the visible edge when a photon from a nearby sun deconstructs it

oh but wait- a little time- form- i wont begin to wonder why it must escape itself


something i can answer

it escapes itself because matter, space, energy, time eventually become self aware

and its a fucking giant drag to itself

and it tries to outrun this phenomenon

my belief in God

the material becomes self aware

and if we have this definition

its proven true

She drags her feet, she tries, if she could just get far enough and cold

She knows how painful it will bee to all her photo sensitive, electircal conduit, gamete producing, sticking together, muscles- sensory machinery

She knows where she slept last night

and tomorrow to get up and keep fed


although self denial and aseticism are more noble notions

She isnt noble

She is spontaneous

and moving- it just happens

like the little canniculi that are all through space suck it like a vacuum away from Her

like a lush or a junkie, just get the fucking needle away

then its space and not God, even if they are one


I think theyl be from Holland, if from anywhere

that kid fishing out plastic from the ocean

fighting sea level you learn to appreciate the spontaneous motion of physical solid objects

reverence does not equal submission

thats where some of our more sensitive major religions got it wrong

everyone gets there own rocket ship

there own dutch rocket ship

and you get nuclear thrusters or whatever that can go relativistic speeds

and all life from a divergent center out past the microwaves- past what dont sound good on a receiver

you can wave but i wont

accelerate instantly- all parts of your body

a streak if you move your hand?

a streak that stays there forever?

all motion captured and superimposed until its all one color

its like tripping-when you finally die



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