duck you sucker 2 or there will always be an ireland (leader of the liberation army of the south)

even if i concede it it makes no difference


tribes seperated by tens of thousands of years

by the bearing straight

villas streak had to end- when you piss off that many people

mr zimmerman a note for you

the fucking english those fucking snide bastards


its no wonder the northen latitudes industrialised quicker

literally harnessing the heat of the earth- to grow fat

fashionista chiapas eco tourist rage against your own fucking machine

the machine moves earth over itself in a pattern that is familiar

universal conservation- erosion

in all that violence one thing 

if you can even say defines it


a thermodynamic motion through space that took its ever loving time

that formed one node to another in ever increasing degrees

until it got to hot

and it broke itself apart

for nothing

to show itself it could and then didnt even mean enough 


just like that poof 

your pain increased pitch of novelty 

if you could even find the source

a wave on a line 

and its corresponding negative amplitude

which was someones joy

probably the fucking english


the difference between emiliano and pancho

the difference of singularity

where are you in the black hole

el blanco chapo

and what i know about the sinola cartel could fill a 18th of a post it note but

hes white and im sure its about white people getting paid

how many indian graves

lives- some of them good

by definition

life by definition needs to start over again sometimes

sometimes very far away

dormant for millions of years frozen in space

it can do it

it doesnt need you

it isnt afraid of you

it doesnt envy your shit or remember you name

it will die

it cant wait

and as for love

here, right now

when enough waves phase each other out for there to remain enough of the line

to hold it- in a childs fable that is kissed and whispered

a claim over death-life

however brief

out out- candle

colonial legacy of a stupid mother

who we wish would of been a wolf

or anything

and not us

let the mass graves rot and never be excavated

God wont care

let chiapas get so hot and wet it boils and dissolves all the children to space

where it would be the same if it reached the black hole

but let them lie dormant then

ionizing radition force field

panspermia somewhere without fucking gold

then maybe they wont human sacrifice each other like their ancestors

oh but the french

and yes the fucking english

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