critical theory


remember this right now




diving the pattern

after the revealation of machines

in desperate pleas to understand

exploiting freedom



in a style

longer trails of soot

a path where motion has altered elevations

down to bubbles inside of it

squirts out

a little geiser


its you 

me i mean

on the embankments 

whats made to suffer because of me

bored clay mines and holy sound

which is of nothing

sound before life- like two balls smashing into each other

cry over movement

cry because i had an idea

i dont know if i was told it before i remember

and now i only think its mine

some funny way of arranging a set of items

indistinguishable except for what they give off when they smack into each other


if your head was turned the other way

a morphology with some respite in it

a break in the stimulus

one long cylindrical glass pit

overylying a well that some one had to pay to dig

that your grandfather never told you cost so much

the demon that always stands exactly behind your perifery

that everyone can see and makes fun of you

is the demon in the well?

what are you talking about



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