Come see the violence inherit in the system


A little after 8 o clock

A sincere voice that you acquired like an immune system

Someone else spoke to you very young

When a thousand different distractions

Each a different puzzle piece of a visual field

Each with their own intensity

Satisfactory yes until you realize

There was an opportunity for peace

Before land animals

Before self

Im being melodramatic


From atlantic highlands

About a hundred mg of typtamines mostly behind me

People in suits getting off the ferry

The turn of water

Annoying sound

Can sound really take you somewhere

Can an idea

Of course

Sounds stupid musak


It is lush

Dotted with industry and kept back in such a way

The people here still need to

Still get to


Watching a bird and grasses and water




And its like that to the south

Warehouses (an army base)

Give way to

After miles

Scrub land

If the fertile crescent had real estate values

That weren’t enforced by pharaohs

Slave cults


Allow me some retreat


To each its own light

It trapped in it

To be noticed. Certainly?

Let us hope

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