clay world

“Im not beat”

A universal truth

I know


Why progeny

If you cant assure it for them



Miller urey

Miller urey

Miller urey

Miller urey


But that doesn’t necessarily mean youre sunk either

Your private collections

Your strategic edges

Ruthless cunning

Triumph is proper dirt

But value is irrespective of material

A psychotic fetish of suicidal




more scorned to realize the nature of triumph

puff out your chest further



its all expendable and its all for you

the truest of that ideology makes it real

not illusory

and that’s why its so compelling

and if you could meet every challenge to total domination with ever increasing power

why die





its nothing ive ever had but

someone else needs to recognize how great youre doing right

or whats the point

maybe they are just beat enough

shrodingers cat of beat where there not sure if they really are, could go either way

but you still know they are

maybe that is a satisfactory outcome

in taking everything why not take solitude to



youre a scared monkey

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