looking at the reflections of two parallel mirrors in perfect alignment at the salon when you were a child

The redundancy of light becomes

In time

The novelty of new form

A love brokered between itself and an infinity of imperfection

 Cascading, gliding, meeting and then dying

But always a residue left behind

Something that gives the book keepers an entire new trajectory to follow

And if suddenly all the angular projections of a feinman diagram stopped

A billion nerds screaming


But only then and not until

The light and its captured manifest in the lids and sleeves of cups floating out on the open ocean

In pods



Destroy and reclaim

Feathery probiscus

Appendage to the ovary

Lock and key and the new function

Holding me to you, sticking like never

Granular, motile

Empty space

A symphony of excitement

like the nanometer universe doing the wave

like popcorn

I will show you my favorite manifests of light sticking together

Above a river

Behind an army base: The atlantic ocean in what has become humanities most necessary toilet

Il dream of showing you if nothing comes

Where I was young

Where I was


Unbelievably young 

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