children of the train

Of Asbury Park, Red bank, Manasquan

In thigh high growth between track

Divided and filled in with rock

Keeps going as flat as possible

Through backyards by high school athletic complexes

A green in elberon visited in transit

But diffused to, just by watching

You give yourself to these visions

To these memories

Lose something in order to go back maybe

If it ever meant anything

What made it so special then was we were building a future access point

And we did it without knowing

But it costs so much now

Im sure the same thing happens these days

And we wont know it until then

When we have more of ourselves out there

And if you had until the end of time

At some point you would run out of yourself to invest in future access points

You would just be memory

And anything after would be beyond you

I doubt if you could see anymore

And each place you inhabited never looses its motion

Its hard enough to keep up with the experiences had

An emotional life in one sudden throb or ache


And just like that

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