samsara either way

its easy to think its in the air

the dopamine spike just before, natural

the air being compressed by your torso

kneeded into a perfect little ball

blue and green 

and you choke on something

a word you remember from this afternoon

weird or idiot

pulling your skin off 

veins the same color as the air

throbbing for introduction but being neglected

burn off into haze 

and if you could see through it

you would know its temporary

but your heart rate wont allow it

thud against empty glass

shattering goopy matter thick

right up against something

pushing from both sides now

its easy to declare loss

and indulge in it

but memories are like borders

and what buddha said about satisfaction

feels less like hope and more like tolerance

if this is just a weigh station

all the interdimensional beings i have encountered


and credit cards- jail

a bouqet to examine

before being thrown back into a lie to make money

certainty in the indoles and methylene dioxy groups


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