as far as it can with out escaping

rubber bush

expand outward from a post set up in the meittle

strectched out like a drum skin 

over brass or something locked and hard

electricity delivered in carbinerfous sewage electricity

the skittles of conjugation or active electrical activity

hops around on its skeleton like grasshoppers

we call it blood

yea i found it: bloods source

red buffer


some nanometers per second of the grasshoppers

the highest conception we can baby

hits you mde currie

it causes tumors and all these material residues


between two continents of hello we have a wide apitite and memory


all the different monoamines

from a varied diet

in blood plasma concentrations

dump it in the blood or autocrine me your name

under hostage of days that were rearanged somehow

that you saw as clear as you could one time

counting out loud

until your lungs gave out

until it's dimensional matrices were all mapped out just 


what if my senses were up my own ass

and every trd thing is a lie

theyl drown a motherfucker

that i was a sublime commercial

forever without my own thought

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