mike reynolds

luke holle 

maddy klein

you were with me

i dont know if anyone appreciates language

proto akkadian

so the siberians and their anti choligerinic 

button cactus across alaksa

their is a hypothesis oceanic people were the ones who colonized part of the americas

why couldnt it be both

in competition

john henry vs sherpa looking motherfuckers

that are, btw, obviously asian looking 

your average aztec would be at home eating whatever grows on the himalayas rather than syrian rue and mimosa bark

500 mg met

that is methyl ethyl tryptamine

that is a tryptamine with a methyl group and an ethyl group coming out of the nitrogen on the alkyl chain

it is important to discriminate sometimes

i saw beings

you were with me

20 years ahead

maybe thats when the visitors decided to contact me

in 2035 interstellar travel will be possible

according to my hallucinations

or more likely the greys are a manifestation of our own psyche

and were fucking doomed to look at each other and earth rocks forever

because anti gravity

pulling apart a wormhole

its hard reaching out

the visitors are dicks and our international order has no balls

or there are none

if there are aliens tho and they do frequent us

then they dont believe in the egalitarian spirit

because they should just go over the airwaves and say hey we know you know 

were sorry

were sorry youre ancestors eat each other and youre doomed

if spacetime is warped to the point of revealing the future before a black hole

you were with me

you gave me a strength and bravery that took to imaginary figures

figuring out impossible geometry 

not simple lines or humps but what connects me to you

which integral is doomed

i hold the record for most met consumed

and it was a selfish endeavor for which you witnessed the stars coming down around us like fireflies

and saying were 20 years ahead of you

its the only thing i remember

because hey tryptamines are like gaba agonists and every other hole in your brain agonists at 500 mg 

ligand problem


receptor problem


not much more to articulate

and wrapping up

the aliens dont give a shit about a living wage

their waiting to see what happens to our elemental supplies

waiting in the wings

because hey they have transmutation

changing elements by adding protons and neutrons

but its easier to steal

fuck the time traveling hipster

we all discriminate from a point of reference that is moving fast enough were fucking bacteria are gods

thaat whole thing about god's passage of time is ours

were moving fast enough

to figure out the game

that no one revealed

if this is new agey its because i felt you there

and that made us strong

etoh made heroin look like dmt 

what makes us strong 

is the twin will remember his twin on his journey

and when he dies coming home the other twin

says there is nothing out there

there is 100 some odd proton and neutron configurations that can stick together without randomly expelling itself

like its sick

like its sick

and i missed you

the suns on other planets shine for months at a time

and we live within the tropics with infinite precious metals because oblong, indentions, proximity of the central stars

the reason its all hydrogen, in neubulous disapointment because love is rare

and what is shared is shared forever

no matter who decides to take it away

who blinks first

a cosmic who cares

the sun moved hydrocarbons

because water moves with direct excitement of the sun

phospholipids, its a hydrocarbon, a long alkyl water scared chain, with a electric welcome group, po4, on the glycerol

its simple and it creates a safe space for the sun to move complicated adenine, whatever that is, into contact with other things that are electronegative with a hydrogen counterpart

water is really inorganic

the fact we drink it is weird

it shows the gap between inorganic and organic is messy

phosphorous is cool

the beat writers were a big influence in high school

and i thought they were cool

when i was 19 i started listening to charlie parker and i thought he was cool

an artist for the sake of being an artist

destroying himself

im sorry bree 

destroying himself because the world and its reactions are unsustainable at these physical conditions

were like a hump in the thermo dynamic collapse

and if the aliens dont understand that

fuck them

fuck their mothers

i dont know if voting republican is good for our evolution

but i do know 

the devil hates us

that yeast ferment sugars while producing carbon dioxide


fucking novel

that our pineal gland in its infinite recursive game to produce the right tryptamines for sleep produces some bastards which make us hallucinate

and aliens are our manifestation of a long aquaintance with tryptamines




i love you mike

even tho you think susperia is a good movie

pale white kids and their soundtracks

i love you luke

even tho you get fucked in the ass

our assholes are way too tight

some endo chemicals 

some exo ones

i was a writer



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