when will this be enough

when will all the substituted monoamines forget me

and i can become the obsession of poetry

i dont think i ever read a poem

wrote a poem

all this loose time

time scattered like dense water poured over the surfaces where it turns inward

becomes these compartments and all the sound from the air vibrates the droplets to run into each other, away from each other off the sides of the surface

i wont name the electrical reasons for this

i dont know them

the bitter loss and empty spaces between them

in the grooves and indentions gravity

but gravity never wrote a poem

gravity didnt make something exceptional

which never materialized

all this mess and nothing 

potential lost most of its energy to heat and il never do this again

but it keeps going

i thought it was love, obsession

but its vanity and fear

thats why it clunks like the note

that hit time square and knocked it into splatter

love you ma

all norms corrode erode even plastic

the most human material

double bond good leaving group

vinylic halide

why isnt that poetic enough

its not fear and vanity

but utility

and exposition

no no no


stop writing


my god

no water

a world with no water where whim is recognized finally for what it was

then nothing

poetry transcends time

this transcended nothing


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