concert for pakistan in the un general assembly

the ice cream store out on 71 closed down

katie used to work there

am i the only one excavating these ruins

the mouth is exposed, is raw 

the wind blown in

the earth wobbles on its axis

i think people know more than they let on

in the ionosphere

nostalgia as a kind of knowledge

an articulation that can only be made after a time

if you could see all the shit whizzing by our faces

love is a thing that can be seen better holding together memory


those melting clocks and a sock and the tree is dead

its the size of a big envelope

two children threatened 


dried in the sun, brown, cheap- 80 dollars a zip with white russians

too much 

make you puke

the sentimentality worse than etoh 

the only memory is signic convention

is a learned behavior

because real memories are ugly

are wild genetic rampages, instructionless, in a hostile 


doubled as a chess classroom

art gallery

un general assembly room

a good place to take self interest seriously

a good place for nostalgia 

and love always past 

when they run out of conventions for naming resolutions

they turn on each other

and the surrealist convention of fluid time, of molding and melding forms together

they absorb whats good about whats resolute

rising to an urgent pitch

which memory couldnt help

which nothing could help

an ice cream shop

a girl


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