on all the little faces made and utterances too guttural

your mind is waiting for methamphetamines

straight l dopa in a giant syringe administered right to the dick vein

and you say the f word

in countries were english is not the primary language the f word is spoken

i suspect its all the media from the US which shows you

how to come

an interesting question

i am of two major school of thoughts

the tidy and the carpet ruining 

how to come

its a question i so rarely get to answer these days

i am a joke after all

a post script in the rebellion

which was gimmicky to save face i am not participating in any rebellion

work for amc, get your discount movie ticket and be entertained

until the last sea star and bee choke on styrofoam disintegrated into these micro granules

and its the wasteful pollination of the serf

if you want a policy suggestion

go fuck yourself


it is the poorest whose ignorance can not be expected to overcome the baby murder and moral breaking requirements of a true revolution

of which the eco one was the barest fucking minimum you could of done

i could have done

but i didnt and now my anther drips micro plastic

and i say hello consumer when i jizz

it took kilograms of intravenous stuff to break me

at 250 mg a hit, a big fucking hit, were talking 4,000 hits a kilo

talk about a good weekend

talk about whats needed to alienate the proliteriate from herself 

maybe im a bitch

whatever that means

i cry for the living species of cnidaria that drift like plastic bags

until they collide with something, thier nematocysts, the stingers

there lives are so empty

how did we end up here

talking about the lower phyla like we sat in privliged moietys 

sucking their combustable material down the stem of glass or more directly introducing it in the plastic needles

were made of the same stuff as them

and if its good for the jellyfish

the disintegration of the plastic needle

who am i to judge



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