deuterostomes (albert ayler 2)

i wore short pants until i was 16

he said

bukowski said there is nothing to declare full

he said a mouthful


is a nice word

its a weed 

round up ready monsanto kilowat hour degeneration of time and space the other the hour it goes on like be bop like tom sawyer like percussion angles like jesus christ

my electric bill more than tripled this month

i got 1700 dollars but i got to pay my lawyer

there is a laundry list of expenses

my parents taught me to budget


encapsulated in what form

a second one god awful second to the next

i dont feel good

i dont feel happy

but i do

i am free i am relatively free

within the confines of a society

what is a society

it is a common language of customs and you can either bow or shake hands

i have yet to find another form of society

i went to europe

i saw the capitals

so what

driving at science

science is so successful its doomed

every future religion will be eurocentric because of this success

they will buy up businesses towing and garage

keep it insular like the swedes 

let in only what they can afford wwith there generous welfare state

this is not truly pluralistic

it is selectively

because of science

but i love science

i love the chordates

all of them

i feel a special bond over millenia 

even with the cephlochordates 

the ones that have a stage like a little fish

our common ancestor probably looked more like a sea squirt than a fish

they looked like little fishes running back and forth

who wants to hear this

is a question no poet should ask thereselves ever

one line in fifty


one line in a hundred, two hundred

numbers man

the infinite right queen of the sciences

that dreadful motherfucking peer reviewed 


oh god its true

our introns gather mutations at a constant rate

they did a little molecular biology and they knew exactly where to dig for the early homonids

there are halls filled with the other homonids

that we either ate or fucked

horizontal or the right way transfered 

europe 5 % neanderthal, southeast asia some percentage other homonid


something like that

bebop passed along until all the jazz musicians are poor

rock and roll i said before taking a bong rip

its been a hundred years since i took it to the head man

two hundred

what is life

if not novel thermodynamic configurations

direct manifestations of electric thermodynamic configurations

all reaching equilibrium in a defined time span

vegf receptors


bugs or not bugs

mersa merse merci 

thank you those who sought to treat it like it mattered 

all those scientific religions were about money, and power

over specific dirt over electric thermodynamic configurations


electric shapes

change the benzene to another aromatic system and you get the same fucking effect


england was way ahead in the designer drug game

um some cathinone whose name escapes me

we had alpha pvp and mdpvp over here


they sold it as novelty items

ha novelty like how the suns get captured and turned into doodoo feces

ha novelty like how the sun turns into shit

little fishes shitting all over the ocean

chordates its like a cartiliginious proto vertebrate that embryologists found that everything in the phyla exhibits

i think 

who can remember all the shit 

running down like language

like electricity

what would i know if a demon controlled reality

that numbers go on forever

music and poetry are forever interwoven

ha novelty the sound of music

one bone hollowed out with holes in it

thats all the neanderthals made and it could just be coincidence 

what is the sound of little fishes shitting

deuterostomes is a larger classification

to which we belong to

that convergent evolution bestowed radial symmetry to some

the star fish 

she looked like a star fish

i like that

i like that one line

out of a million

like a batting cage

like sweet contact

deuterostome means asshole first

we embody deuterostomes

every divine right and jim crow

the gut plug becomes the asshole 

thats what deuterostome means

henkel or whatever his name is was a prostelitizing athiest who wanted all the embryos to look the same

god help us


there is a secret here

its so profound that it will always stay a secret

despite the embryologist and the poet it is ineffable

it is hardbop on acid on steroids

it is beneath the inane cliche of common ancestor

you just know it

so how much of a secret can it really be


wired that way

i suppose

star fish

my star fish

my statutory raping star fish

its not about you

its about freedom in confines of society

its about the success of the scientific method

its about the only thing we can be selfless for

she looked like a star fish

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