heat death

From the ghettos to the marshes

we fight for nothing

who am I kidding

maybe that is a major underestimation


Linden is just a town

Emily was just a girl

its like Tyrone Slothorp at the end of the book

its not about the specifics

I knew that waiting for the train in Linden

Its about an idea 

what they come to represent

a principle


maybe like sometimes principles buddy up to the bullies

so they dont have to go to jail

they can be funny


but my point

principles fall short of conviction


thats the condition my compatriots

and were left shouting yid at a soccer game or something

open mouths shoved full of remorseful cock

and i think it must be the same with every strata

every migration of people


every notion falls short of confidence in that notion

and i pray

space moves faster than light

that the man made satillites around the last dying brown dwarf produce the acestral melanin

it is a dying day

and after all work

after spilled seed and stamen

that it wasnt just a town

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