the philosophers demon (James Clark maxwell)

I heard the Bill Evans trio sometime before 7:45 this morning

something moved me

the em waves falling in and out phase with the ocean ones

coming across lower Hudson Bay 

there kind of being sprayed across the barrier island of sandy hook

where artists created beautiful murals on the collapsing bunkers of an old naval base but neglecting to leave their names. Where norad computers generated Thomas Pynchon novels.

Not a thousand monkeys with typewriters- the pretreated


There the signals

richocheting, constructing and deconstructing with all the terrestrial stuff

maybe a few "packets" found a straight line to the southern most coast of Monmouth county

its below sea level and floods at least once a week

gravity and carbon partisans against in a lunar war

i think of some kind of media that only co2 can pass through

connected to a hose with a pump on the moon

the pump is solar powered and will require a permanent moon base

this is how ironically we beat the co conspirators


everyobject has a corresponding em wave

baseballs pitched by Matt Harvey have corresponding em waves whose frequencies encompass the entire area of Queens and much more over

Too big to effect atomic-electric configurations the way photons can

but-my preterite

can you think of a quantum pitcher

who throws a ball so small it would do like a photoelectric effect

there could be a ball shaped that could hit the co2 like billiards

i don't think that would knock it into outer space tho

thatl just make it warmer


to steal a Kesey line

what is light?

the sound in the dark is the mystery

but what is light

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