word salad (a prison eternal)

She's the one who gets penetrated

what can you do

a sentiment shared by the huddled masses

until that drive to shape the external kicks in

you will know their ferocity

their dumb bay

which objectifies her as well as covets her vagina

above all carrying capacity

maybe the drive is suicidal

but also necessary to progress



As as I fly away now

into wild desperation

the essence of flailing

shielding with your hands a bullet

putting your arms out when you fall

is what takes it

from her

the selfish elements

the histological distress

anerobic survival

nymph stages

we call it a nymph stage



someday everything of scientific interest will be written on such delicate paper that the sun will disintegrate it

new ideas will form

kinda like the Greek cyclical time


we were born


all the Indian words I know

how did they get brown so fast

animism and totems of the past

albert einsteins mocking gesture

there will be longer spacetimes

cut in half and turned into Moloch

Allen Ginsberg-all the jews

they killed their brother- well half

the hive mind forsaked


forsaked selling your little pussies




always my favorite

stacks of rocks knocked down

for what

to build back up again


graced ever so slightly by the light from the sun

She gave us machines that bore us through the desert

Shes a fucking alien



Methyl isopropyl tryptamines in the water

In palestine 

a truly enlightened policy suggestion

if I do say so myself

we would have saw things as they really are


a prison eternal but not for us

how could I compose it

some crazy conjugated system

that American indians tripped just proves the psychedelic ceremony existed before crossing the bearing strait

who would follow a bread throwing machine into the desert

without faith

ergotamine on the manna


a woman eats from the tree of knowledge

it's easier to be black



i had the chance to talk to satan one time

but I turned it down

it's so cliquey

what does it take to see a pile of rocks as a god

maybe the older polytheism is more accurate

maybe this is all the future of an illusion

sometimes a phallice is really an imperfect vacuum

it's all or nothing or both

at the same time

its staring into the void

having it look back and saying I earned my sex

through a genetic memory that dates back to the abiotic


pure energy

the void doesn't stare back because I was it

and learn to appreciate that

numbers- the infinite but not eternal

store for us a little hope we will

the magnitude a scalar quantity

but it's moving

a scalar quantity that moves





this was never a poem

a socio economic construct

i have more beads than you

i get the berries


They follow The Machine

how costly your indifference is

one anyone who was listening

put tryptamines in the water

a technology that is barely 50 years old

dissacociatives in tandem

youl hear the voice of God

but remembering it

wel thatl be a struggle

normaly it ends itself

all but this one time

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