Super 8 motel


Watching football waiting for sex

The neighbors me can hear it

Neck tattoos and chipped teeth

Exposed nerve endings

Take it like an ulcer


Pure gold semen dried 

Moisture leaving the body

The body. That's the thing of collections and fantasies

Its what there is here

A nexus of suffering and partaking of suffering

Love's essence on the chinese menus

Blood on the carpet

That is its monument

A heme group trapped and fossilized like no soft tissue was ever thought to

Damned beautiful

I want to feel something

I want temporary elevations over regret

Which appear as detergents

Its name must be blood as he parades his stuff naked

She shakes her head and says sure

She's either been sure or completely lost

She is a rape object

She is glorified to prize blood

Does she know this


Outside of monuments its a matter of selective pressure

Really its itself in a infinite kinetic theory

Phallice imposing itself on nothing realize it has a pussy and imposing itself as that for a symmetrical time

A monument of what


Fire and light


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