grey goo

slavs in space

the undermench fly like the nucleous of radon

the primitive slavic mind cant understand the concept of borders hence his revolutionary spirit

Rus comes from the word red

Romanov obviously from run away landed Italians

Stalin was georgian

Tito into the ground

the Slav cannot rule himself

all that eastern living space united in a front of bread shortages and Jew hating madness

colonized the west of israel without being jews themselves

Isaac and Serb be damned


in 2020

on mars

there will be Russian flags

and the failure of communism in a growing middle class of

Red Rocks

the love of a world defined by signic convention, founder effect, squinty eyed, black skin

black skin


I dreamed of a universal food supply

of a hundred thousand machines in real time

Green stacked high in Zimbabwe

Arabs and Jews fucking, breeding athiest big nosed camel jockeys

Supremacy of a species

transmitting signals from two nearer terrestrial bodies

importing and exporting populations of thieves and botanists

fucking to remember familiar gravities

bodies defined by bodies, falling, again and again into the celestial warmth of a core

spilling lonely on fat thighs of silicates

a seed of dreamt futility

the new cultures run amock

eventually the blending 

carbon on carbon in atomic sex

a new ocean of consciousness unleashed by laboratories

a new Kansas

crops and commodities on a universal exchange

weighted by population

relative to a growing number of purple on the sea shells

which were rejected and thrown back into the sea

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