I have seen

carbamides, blood red oils phasing out of yellow solution

the universe of thiodiazapenes

I didnt even go to the doctor

that light through different media

its just the eyes

its still the same

memory- opalescent, reminding of other mineral to

wavy like music or reflections

Im here

brought to you by standing waves

a technology so analogue it seems passe

in the way some are passed over

and there hands, despite what size, spill over into nothings

promise and hope

the universe vibrates at approximately fuck you to them

standing in the wave- familiar odes and want- boredom sundays

sociological classification and time keeping measurements

how they sing

how they beat something false until enough compression slides out like a whistle

and the only difference between the birds and the handed are- the color of shit


its the nothings

the way to pick up on nothing

unlike a tuning fork

which we recognize

a receiver, share entire swaths of codon

na na poo poo vacuum cleaner


sad for me

for me

four letters


and one two three four

except in practice

kin selection and true cruel altruism

no one gets raised up

they keep making those sounds for whatever reason

the next thermodynamic configuration of lightning

and thunder

and thunder

and thunder

and thunder

so many times it had to happen

and promises kept by the sun- it only appears the lightning knew it was there

is the only promise

for as many years

something about nostrils and breath

something about clay

about minerals again

for a period its hard to die

tits wrung, nipples hard and red

feeding cum sunking in between lip and teeth and noises made

ass hole licked out, never talked about, but sounds made during

balls grasped to but never as hard as tits

pencils, fruits, electronic devices inserted and licked off

different from the birds

but that too is an illusion

novelty is not four letters

chyme – the mixture of shit and spunk

is also not

also licked up

also inhaled with sound and fury

signifying everything




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