The Thought of You

Like a dark cloud

your emotion is toward me

Uncaring and absent

Inevitable this will be


Through a cloud of smoke you gaze at me

complete absence of tranquillity

Waiting for a sign to put my mind at ease

not knowing of what is to come, I dare to breath


Your words... sharp and untrue

you shatter me

Deservedly so... according to you

Is this the future to be?


Even to this day

my soul is dented by the pain

impossible to heal

Will I ever be free?


I am haunted by the fear

especially when you are near

Your kind words flatter me

but rejected by my better knowledge


Still there is love for you tucked away in the folds of my heart

Occasionally brave enough to make an appearance

Why did you not reveal this side of you from the start?

Yet still controlled by fear in your presence...


I keep this buried deep inside


Hoping for the day I can be seen

Worthy in your eyes...




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