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I don’t know why I feel this way

I know my love is deeper every day

I feel so lost and confused

I love so deep & Confused

I Love so deep inside

it makes it hard to show you the real me Inside

Things have been so tough

that the little things have slipped

I would give anything in the world to make it change

But I cant the past is gone all I can really do is prove my love

I need you more than You’ll ever know

I swear Knowing is all the Guidance I needed

You think im mad but Honestly Im glad

You did what you did and it opened my mind

I am glad you Showed me my mistakes

I am great full for you opening my heart.

I am glad you Showed me how to see beyond me.

I am Going to make things right

I have Only begun the Fight for my soul

I’ve Bottled up everything for to long.

But now I know that always running

from my pain was only bringing me more

You are the Only love I’ve ever known.

I don’t need to change who I am

I need to change the way people see me

To be honest about how I feel

And to show the world how lucky I am.

I have a great wife but I fail to let you know

I wouldn’t be who I am at all without you

I need to show you how special you are to me,

I need To Remind you why you fell in love with me.

Because you are the greatest love I’ve ever felt

The truest Form of love there is

You are now and always will be the White Rose.

I love you Always and forever....

Casper McConkie


Dedicated To The White Rose. NEBM

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