Where am I?
Why am I going through this?
What is my purpose?
Who am I truly?
When will this end?
Questions are in my head.

My eyes see the unseen,
as tears fall for them,
my dreams see the future,
as the world falls burning,
my heart senses other’s pain,
as darkness consumes innocents,
these are things I live through.

Those whom I love & cherish,
with all my heart & soul,
are ones whom I’ll protect,
valuing every moment spent,
every hug & kiss given;
sadly the truth hurts to hear,
my duty is to sacrifice my life,
to protect earth from evils grasp.

Standing above the world,
my circle nearing completion,
my duty is brightening the future,
even if it’s not to last long,
my duty is showing other’s their gift,
to face the battles to come,
my duty is to protect the innocent,
allowing a safe passage home.

No matter what my life is now….this is my duty until the end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poems goes to 'Me'.

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