Sayoonara no ai! (Goodbye My Love)

Clemen Jaimes

With these last words,

I shed my final tears,

for you inside my heart,

on my face they stream down,

as I’m writing this to you,

because now I’m no longer,

apart of your life.

You choose another girl,

over me and what not,

but hey I understand,

I’m not attractive,

so I don’t blame you;

either that or you just,

wanted sexual happiness,

from my naked body,

or use of my possessions;

who knows the truth,

all but you sweetheart.

Every mention of her,

made me realize closer,

that I would NEVER,

have a chance with you,

and that you would never,

give me that pleasure,

of making you happy.

Every time we spent,

together embracing,

each moment as friends,

or friends with benefits,

I still loved you,

I still wanted to pleasure you,

I still wanted you happy,

now......I don’t know.

Last night, I thought,

to myself in sadness,

that I would let you go,

and one last night together,

would be the end.

I’ll never know,

if you had any,

true feelings for me,

for you are indecisive,

and uncertain sometimes,

of how you are feeling,

towards a person;

I guess I’ll never understand.

Now I’m telling you,

unanswered questions,

unanswered feelings,

just space between us,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Clemen'. I hope he forgives me.....i'll always love him.....

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