Dumb Index Cards


Why do we use,

these dumb index cards?

Oh ya'll, to take stupid notes,

on them.

But as always,

we seem to lose them.

Yes, they can be helpful,

in tests, studying,

and of course,


of what to say,

to a true love.

But what a mess they cause!

In a folder or backpack,

you put them in,

all stacked up,

nice and neat.

As you move around,

they start to fall,

one by one,

onto the cold ground.

You don't realize it,

'til someone turns around,

and tells you,

"You seem to have dropped

something on the ground!"

As you begin,

to turn around,

you notice something,

on the ground.

A pattern of,

index cards all around.

Which it seems to be,

these dumb index cards,

belong to you,

as you can see.

One by one,

you pick them up,

and in your mind,

a thought comes up,

"Darn these dumb index cards!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Me'.

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