Red Lotus Flower

Romeo Franco

My hearts strength,


lies within you,


my trembling hands,


only wants you,


to hold once more,


when the world,


tries to defeat,


our dreams.




I can't stop dreaming,


I can't stop what's started,


I can't stop myself,


lightening pierced my ears,


for my kindness,


can't be protected.




I'll be strong for someone,


take me with you,


where the water flows,


and lights my fate,


to everlasting peace.




Red lotus flower,


bloom in various colors,


its petals struggling,


to be full bloom,


the strength it has,


within its roots,


to be colorful,


beautiful, kind,


and dreamful.




I'll always protect you!


I'll keep our dreams strong!


Let me be there for you!


Take the sadness away,


just take my hand


and let's be free!


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