In the beginning,

we worked side by side,

helping each other,

get through the days,

of life's struggles.


As time passed by,

our friendship sparked,

inside our hearts,

enjoying our moments,

of time together.


Soon my heart,

felt a crazy crush,

although odd,

I never wanted us,

to lose our friendship,

so I told you...

you walked away.


Crushed at your reaction,

I continued being myself,

and somehow,

you reached out to me,

we were happy again.


Many times we collided,

back and forth,

but in the end,

we apologized to one another,

and remained friends,

until we kissed....


Time spent together,

being one another's company,

was truly pure happiness,

now dark clouds,

cover our light,

so many questions,

left unanswered.


I'll be leaving soon,

you have not worry,

to make it easier,

& move on in our life.


Goodbye Ramon,

Thank you for everything.

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