Tell Your World

These unexplained feelings,

lingered in my heart,

so I broke my norm,

hoping for your voice,

to become my light,

as I sing to the sky,

to reach you tonight.


Beyond time & space,

I've felt a connection,

between our hearts,

never forgetting your voice,

so I dance,

in this windy breeze,

these feelings inside,

to touch your tonight.


Through unchanged days,

this gift given to us,

a clear white light of hope,

between the love shared,

and faith we carry,

tell your world to me,

one last time.


As I dance tongiht happily,

in circles my beating heart,

my fingers moving to the rhythm,

as my words fly to heaven,

reaching your no matter where,

or how far away we my be.


Goodnight my sweet love.

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