I am that, I am


I am the strength of my weakness.

I am the light of others. A soul of brighteness.

I am my awareness. A visionary.

I am peace.

I am love.

I am connected to my inner self. 

I am the cure of my health.

I am grateful for everything.

I am all I ever love.

I am as free as a dove.

I am awake from above.

I am the will of my divine.

I am alive.

I am fine.

I am the action of my words.

I am the positive in my life.

I am a worrior of my struggles.

I am the piece of my world.

I am the peace for my path.

I am the author of my life.

I am the writer of my stories.

I am the key to my journey.

I am the steps to my dreams.

I am the thoughts of my desires.

I am my vision.

I am the love of other's.

I am my happiness.

I am one.

I am that, I am.



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