When You Hate The Sound Of Laughter

When you hate the sound of laughter

Can't stand another day

Dream of death, disaster

Nothing left to say

When you feel like nothing strikes you

Lose the pain of blows

When nothing gets much sadder

When you've hit your all time low

Is it right to stop the beating

If the pain feels so much worse

Is it right to stop the bleeding

To end before the verse

When you hate the sound of laughter

Do you fight until the end

Or break under the pressure

To all the pain it sends

When every day's a struggle

Depression's got you down

Do you swim the tide and find the light

Or embrace the pain and drowned?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is (thankfully) not about anyone. But I heard a speech on suicide and it really got me thinking 'if you are in so much pain for so long, is it really wrong to stop it?' you decide.

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