When I'm in the Sky

When it's over, wait for me

I'll be on the other side

No one cares just wait and see

When I’m in the sky

It’s a long hard bridge

That you must cross

But happiness it’ll send

It’s happy there, without a care

I promise the pain will end

You’ll be remembered

I’ll save you a place

And we’ll be friends forever

We’ll meet up again at the end of the race

It’s a bond that will not sever

Don’t forget me, when I’m gone

So please don’t mourn or cry

We’ll see each other, it won’t be long

When I’m in the sky

Author's Notes/Comments: 

3 things. I wrote this poem to my best friends and dead grandmother.
2. I would ask you to listen to 'The Sixth Stop' from the spirited away sound track for full affect.
3. I cried writing this, so I ask that you comment on it not as happy and not wanting me to read your poems. It pained me to write this, so... this is my favorite poem.

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