The Writing Process


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To find topics and handouts for beginning to teach the

Writing Process, click on the books. There are many other

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To see a rubric for teachers to self-evaluate in teaching the writing process click on the school supplies:

To go over the steps for classroom writing click on the bookbag below:

To read about CREATIVE writing click on the apple:

To read about SETTING THE STAGE to write (things YOU need to do before you begin to teach the writing process) click on the schoolbus:

To read about PRE WRITING writing click on the artist's pallette:

To read about MINI LESSONS click on the paintbrush:

To GET A PICTURE OF THE WRITING PROCESS (a graphic display) click on the clapping hands.  You'll get plenty of applause if you stick with the process:

To see ARTS AND CRAFTS activities click on the arts and crafts button:

My writing lesson deals with role-playing between Vincent

and Theo van Gogh.  To see Van Gogh's Letters to his

brother click on his self-portrait:



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