" A Valentine for Class At CSU "

My Valentine for CSU

OK. Well,                     Um, Look!

So, here it is!!                 My  own heart!!

No, it is not new, Oh,        No.  But, it IS mine.

I just wanted to remind you, Sir, that you still

have it, since you stole it  long, long, ago, and

I've been very lost since you snatched it out

You didn't even replace it with your own!!

You just took my heart, and trashed it!!

Trash--like old discarded paper. So

tell me if you can, why don't you

love me??  You took my poor

heart and I can't love one

single living soul ever

like I so love you.

Why don't you

love me??




Music: Breathless

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a class assignment....MAKE A VALENTINE.   I love the Internet!

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