Rainbow Promises


Rainbow Promises

My heart was heavy as I drove

across the countryside.

So many worries troubled me,

the frown I could not hide.

My son's poor health, my grandson's pain,

the thoughts ran to and fro.

And then the misty rain began.  

I met it with a groan.

The world's a mess; my life is too;

my family needs prayer.

I need my job but it's a chore

and nerves are showing wear.

I topped a hill, and in the cloudy

darkness overhead,

I glimpsed God's pallette pouring out

across the darkness spread.

A rainbow!  Pastel promises,

from God who knows my needs!

A rainbow!  There reminder of

the One Who hears my pleas.

The tears then glistened in my eyes,

not sad, but thankful ones.

Saying, "...darkness would not linger

until HIS DAY was done."

As I began to thank Him

for His care, concern, and love,

A second rainbow then appeared

and glistened up above.

As though in answer to my heart

as questions it had raised,

"Is that for me?" said silently

as outwardly I'd praised.

A second rainbow in response

to a heart that grasped and groped.

A second rainbow for a child

whose hand reached out to hope...

In darkness for the Light of Man,

the One Who Loves Me True,

Dear God, I've never had a friend

as wonderful as You!

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