Christmas In My Heart

Christmas In My Heart

What does Christmas mean to you?

What  makes the season real?

Does the warmth engulf you in the mall?

Or with that special ONE?

Do carols played bring to your mind

The homefires long ago?

Do pictures near the mantle clock

Cause mem'ries then to glow?

What does Christmas mean to you?

Do you make your own wish list?

Or do you stop, remember,

All those gone on to be missed?

Do holidays bring love and cheer?

Or do they bring more lack?

Do they somehow make you realize

We never can go back?

This year instead of feeling blue,

And crying in your pain,

Make time to bless some friendless soul,

And with it will come gain.

This holiday, now so misspent,

Was once a HOLY day.

God sent His Son to an earthly birth

And a bed of lowly hay.

He could have chosen Herrod's silks,

Or Pharoah's finest clothes,

But He lay His Son in a manger low

So everybody knows,

That Jesus came to everyone.

Not just the rich, or kings.

And that's what Christmas means, my friends,

It means just everything.

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