How Mama's DRUG Habit Changed My Life


How Momma's DRUG Habit Changed My Life

She DRUG me to church on Sunday,

And told me God was real.

She DRUG me then to Wednesday night

Prayer meeting where she’d kneel,

And pray for all her children

To be whole and pure and good.

Then DRUG me back to Sunday School,

Taught to live the life I should.

I NEVER sassed a teacher

Cause I knew that I’d be DRUG

Into my Momma’s bedroom

To be beaten like a rug.

DRUG to church three times a week

Then DRUG to Bible School.

DRUG inside and chastised well

When I acted like a fool.

She DRUG me to the market,

Where she showed me how to shop

For food requiring cooking,

The “fast” kind we knew not.

She DRUG me to the doctor

Any time that I grew ill,

But DRUG me to the woodshed

When I had a stubborn will.

I’m all grown up today, it’s true,

And I teach to make a living.

I see kids every single day,

No DRUGS their momma’s giving.

I think back to the lessons learned

When I was at her knee,

And thank God for the DRUGS

My little Momma gave to me.

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