Family And Friends


I have a little sister,

With hair of natural curl.

When she was born, I took her.

To be my baby girl.

All sweet and shy and giggly,

The sibling love was strong.

She was my living dolly,

Could never do a wrong.

With all those years behind us,

We neither now are girls,

Yet she still makes my heart warm,

Her hair still shines and curls.

She never knew the measure

Of joy she gave to me,

As smiles and love and laughter,

She brought our family tree.

The best of care I gave her,

My living doll, my Dale.

I'd fight a raging tiger,

Or demons straight form Hell,

To keep her heart from sighing,

Or brighten up her world,

My dolly was my sister,

With hair of natural curl.

I did not know the future

When we were both at home.

I never knew that heartstrings,

Draw tighter as we roam.

Still, even now I feel it,

When darkest shadows creep,

That love that binds eternal,

My baby Sis and me.

If I could have a million

Of dollars all my own,

I would not trade the bankroll

For my sisters, either one.

As riches go, we had none,

But God made up for that.

He gave us all as sisters

The best that any had.

Sometimes I feel like laughing

When thinking how we've changed.

She now is MY protector,

And rages in my name.

I have a lot of blessings

The Lord so kindly sent.

He gave me loving sisters,

With them I am content.

My Dale is still the baby.

She's quick to tell me so.

But more than that she loves me,

I trust her and I know,

That even when we're age-ed

With wrinkles crinked and swirled,

She still will be my dolly,

With hair of natural curl.

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