I Didn't See The Artist


I Didnt' See The Artist

I didn't see the artist.

He painted while I slept.

But I awoke in time to view

His masterpiece in depth.

The pink and yellow ochre,

The crimson splash of sky,

The world on fire before me,

In awe I breathed a sigh.

I didn't see the artist,

Although someday I will.

I know.  I met Him years ago

At a place called Calvary's Hill.

Twenty-four years!  Twenty four years wasted and thrown away!  My marriage was over and I was a miserable mess.  Depression was a living breathing monster that stalked me day and night.  I had stayed with my husband because of my religious beliefs despite the fact that he was a raving alcoholic.  Then HE left me.  My heart was broken and I had no where to turn.  Late one night I lay in bed with the thought of another depressing day in front of me and I prayed a simple prayer.  "God, please, please, just let me wake up ONE MORNING without the pain and depression assaulting me as soon as I open my eyes."  I finally fell into a deep sleep.  Crying will do that to a person.  When I opened my eyes it was daylight but something eerie was going on outside.  The whole room was a deep rose color that frightened me.  "Fire!" I thought.  I raced to the window and looked out.  The sky was brilliant with color.  I ran to get my camera and flew through the wet grass on bare feet to snap a picture which I later painted.  Then I wrote this poem.  God is so good.  All day I felt loved and cherished, and I knew that God wanted me to have peace.  The picture here is not the one I painted, but it shows the same kind of sky.  I learned something that morning.  Even when you feel forsaken, God understands and he is there.  Have a Blessed Day.~~Jessica

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