What Became Of Her?


What Became Of Her?

She sat on the ground choosing mental pictures

from the shape of the clouds,

alone in the field where only scampered the stray field mouse.


Beyond the fenceline where fence no longer stood

she saw the home of her youth,

Boarded windows instead of glass giving poverty its proof.


Dark may have been her circumstance but her hopes and dreams did surely shine!

She lived in the wondrous world inside her dream-filled youthful mind.


Never thought she of tomorrow with words of dark nor syllables of gloom.

She DREAMED of future's glad new daybreak, where spreading her wings she'd find her room.


What became of her?  That youthful dreamer whose vision surpassed the lack of her world?

Ahhh, She still dreams her dreams, with syllabic balm that speaks of hope in that age-ed girl.

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