Against the Wind


Against the Wind

I took control and stopped a fight,

Then parents came to school.

They said I had embarrassed her,

Their child was no one's fool.

She'd not been raised to fight and fuss.

She was an "A-plus" girl.

If mom could see that kid in gear,

Her hair would lose it's curl.

I never have quite understood

Why some just never see,

Their kids will do the things THEY did,

When at THEIR mother's knee.

But no, we have a perfect group,

No flaws have they, not one.

Just turn your head and let them pass,

And cash your check when done.

I'm sorry but that's not why I,

Chose teaching as my lot.

I want to make a difference,

Not let their morals rot.

Somebody must hold up the grail,

If we expect to win.

When we are old, they'll have control,

And what will we do then?

Music: Against The Wind

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