Feel alone today

What I feel today

The way I felt today

was a normal grey.

I live in the harsh frey

all night and day.

I felt alone today

no one in my sight.

Friends and family gone

all alone tonight.

I want to cry for help

but it never comes.

I want someone next to me

for i wont be glum.

I feel today different

alone in the dark.

I feel hollow today.

Like my mind is going insane

repating the things I do

every single day.

hollowing out of a shell

that I am.

Today I felt alone

tonight I feel the same.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Second posting, feels good when I do this. I didnt really check for errors just going as my mind puts it onto the page. Once agian I will take all critiques with glee as I do enjoy working on fixing my mistakes.

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