too much thinking


hahaha villains and heroes a never ending fucking story or struggle.

rolling up cigarettes and making mistakes

my mind goes deep beyond a lake, a sea

if you ask me.

im still here i got more breath in me

i got more beer, smokes and intelligence

if any of this makes sense

im sure if it does is very little

i got more people to love and it feels great

yet frustrating

difficult choices are the worst

sometimes you know the right choice yet you are scared to move

same here and what can i do

what can you do?


too scared?

me too?

move move move and pass

memories and people are in the past? hahahahaha

you dont forget so fast!!!!

advise from cold hearted people don't do much

escape what ever way you can i got art and poetry

if you can call it that?

one more day

here to stay

driving 80 on the freeway  painting canvasses

and going insane

no sleep at night

over think everything what can i say

i got too much on my plate

Author's Notes/Comments: 

do what you do and know why you are doing it!!!

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