fuck your vision of love

fuck your love

they feed this stereotypical fantasy bullshit down your throat since you were born

it is deceive

false actions and imagery

fuck disney and similar shit that follows

it is all inaccurate and hallow

fuck media and commercials

with their swindles and misinterpretation

of what a happy marriage is

"happily ever after"

where are the disasters?

where is when they cheat on each other

or when the kid ask "who is my real father"

spousal abuse a short fuse that may lead to murder and suicide

lives lost to boredom, differences, dullness and lies

love at first if chose wrong can lead towards a catastrophe

if not which it is not a most likely, can be lived happy                                                      girls spent their whole lives looking for mr right

this stereotypical fantasy bullshit

love what you get

not what you have been fed

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finish it later

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